The Momentous Institute’s Momentous School’s Core Components

Momentous Institute pic
Momentous Institute

One of the United States foremost aluminum extrusion producers, Western Extrusions offers extrusion, fabrication, finishing, packaging, and product shipping to its clients. Western Extrusions operations out of Carrollton, Texas, and supports numerous community-conscious organizations, such as the Momentous Institute (MI).

MI established its Momentous School in 1997 to provide a bustling learning environment for urban children from the age of three through to the fifth grade. The school’s core components include helping children develop problem-solving skills while working closely with parents to keep them involved in their children’s academic careers.

Classes are small in size, allowing stronger relationships between students and faculty. Teachers operate via an Understanding by Design (UbD) principle that encourages the continuous revisiting and tweaking of their curriculums. Classrooms experience regular visits from guest speakers and students enjoy numerous field trips. Further, Momentous School operates on an extended calendar that sees students study for 190 days each year. To foster continued learning, Momentous Schools offer students more frequent breaks that are shorter in length that those commonly provided by other schools.


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