Aluminum Anodizers Council Runs Membership Referral Campaign

Aluminum Anodizers Council pic
Aluminum Anodizers Council

Western Extrusions operates in Carrolton, Texas, with a vision of becoming the top supplier of aluminum extrusion products and services with a commitment to workplace safety and outstanding customer service. Western Extrusions also maintains affiliation with the Aluminum Anodizers Council (AAC), an international trade association of companies involved in aluminum anodizing. Focused on growing the industry, the AAC’s membership program is administering a limited-time recruitment campaign.

The Member-Get-A-Member Campaign encourages current members to refer new memberships through reduced dues and financial incentives. Discounts for membership renewal dues vary depending on the type of membership selected by the new referral member and discounts will apply toward the subsequent year.

Current members who refer a new firm or supplier will receive discounted membership dues at a rate matching 50 percent off the joining membership cost. For instance, referrals with a joining membership due of $1,000 will enable the member to receive $500 off their renewal dues. Additionally, new members will receive a free Level One Anodizing Essentials Workshop registration, valued at $400. The campaign runs through June 1, 2017.


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