Momentous School’s Vision and Impact

Momentous Institute pic
Momentous Institute

A leading aluminum extrusion producer, Western Extrusions offers a number of additional services from fabrication and finishing to packing and shipping. In keeping with its commitment to non-profit support, Western Extrusions is a proud contributor to Momentous Institute, a leading provider of education and therapeutic services in Dallas.

Established in 1920 by a service organization of over 600 Dallas-based businesses and community leaders, Momentous Institute serves as many as 6,000 children and family members each year through its mental health-based curriculum at Momentous School. Based on the social emotional health programming that Momentous Institute has been committed to since its inception, Momentous School was founded in 1997 as a parent-engaged laboratory school for students aged 3-10 (Pre-K through Grade 5).

Its curriculum emphasizes the importance of positive social experiences with the understanding that they can be a key predictor for future academic success. Relationships with both students and parents are guided by the core values of respectfulness, innovation, collaboration, hope, and stewardship. Classrooms are smaller than those found in most public schools and students attend classes for 190 days each year, slightly more than average. Ninety-nine percent of Momentous School graduates completed high school on time, and 86 percent have enrolled in post-secondary institutions.


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