The American Architectural Manufactures Association Membership Program

American Architectural Manufactures Association pic
American Architectural Manufactures Association

Western Extrusions operates out of Carrolton, Texas, with a mission of producing superior aluminum extrusion products and services. Committed to ensuring a safe workplace and delivering outstanding customer service, Western Extrusions also maintains membership with the American Architectural Manufactures Association (AAMA). A membership with the AAMA offers a variety of benefits and opportunities.

The AAMA welcomes individuals with a concern for its direction, as well as that of the industry itself, and provides a platform for uniting the various sectors, including suppliers, lab testers, and manufacturers. As a material-neutral organization, it also brings together manufacturers of different products in order to exchange information and address shared and individual concerns. Additionally, companies of all sizes are invited to obtain an AAMA membership.

Membership with the AAMA includes several benefits, such as opportunities for the AAMA Certification Label, solutions to critical industry issues, and updates on influential events and information. Members also receive access to councils that offer a specific focus on various products and materials. Furthermore, the AAMA offers member’s exclusive educational outreach events, scholarship programs, and industry discounts.


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