Western Extrusions STRIVE Quality Policy

Western Extrusions Image: westernextrusions.com
Western Extrusions
Image: westernextrusions.com



Western Extrusions is a leading manufacturer of aluminum extrusion products and a provider of related extrusion services. The company operates under the highest standards of craftsmanship and customer service. To this end, Western Extrusions has developed the STRIVE quality policy, as well as a companywide quality assurance program.

STRIVE is an acronym designed to describe the company’s quality policy, and Western employees are expected to hold Service to each customer and commitment to a client’s order specifications above all else. Secondly, clients should be able to Trust the manufacturer’s quality. Each and every aspect of all extrusion production and services must be treated with care and attention in order to meet customer demands in a timely, cost effective manner.

Thirdly, employees must function as Reliable partners who recognize that their success can only be achieved through total client satisfaction. Additionally, the company seeks to Invest in both employees and the local community, Visualize potential advances in the extrusion industry, and maintain Excellence in areas of work ethic and operational safety.


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