Everyone Benefits When Industry Recycles Aluminum

Aluminum pic
Image: westernextrusions.com

Based in the greater Dallas area, Western Extrusions manufactures superior quality aluminum extrusions for sale to a wide range of industries, including construction. The company takes pride in the fact that it recycles all of the internal scrap from its production facilities. In addition, Western Extrusions goes on to repurchase the reprocessed aluminum for use as raw materials for its products.

Aluminum is 100 percent recyclable, making it among the most in-demand sustainable metals. It is even among the few materials that can pay for its own recycling based on the added value it delivers. Recycling aluminum saves money and uses far less energy than does creating new supplies of aluminum directly from raw materials extracted from the earth. Some experts estimate that each ton of recycled aluminum translates into 10 cubic yards less waste deposited in a landfill.

In past generations, people valued aluminum even more highly than they did silver and gold, due to its relative scarcity. In fact, towards the close of the 19th century, the newly constructed Washington Monument was capped with several pounds of aluminum. Today’s manufacturers continue to value this versatile metal, understanding that their actions in recycling and upcycling it are of significant benefit to the public, their individual industries, and the planet.


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