Extruded Aluminum – Ideal for Mission-Critical Space Mission Uses

Extruded Aluminum pic
Extruded Aluminum
Image: westernextrusions.com

Emphasizing responsive client service, Western Extrusions maintains a fabrication facility able to meet client needs in areas spanning vehicles, stadium seating, and construction equipment. Western Extrusions employs several presses in providing high-quality extruded products from aluminum alloy.

The benefits of extruded aluminum parts and components, which have been forced through a die at high temperature, involve superior ductility, strength, and conductivity, as well as non-magnetic properties. Extruded aluminum tubing has had an integral role in Boeing Company’s creation of a 400,000-pound aluminum truss structure that houses the International Space Station (ISS).

Over the past 18 years, numerous ISS component assemblies have taken place in space. These activities have included setting up outboard truss sections made of extruded aluminum. These are employed in housing power generation modules, which are fed by solar arrays. A key reason for the selection of extruded aluminum sections is their ease of machinability. Additionally, a subsequent anodizing process provides superior protection from the elements. These outstanding mechanical properties make extruded parts ideal for mission-critical operations in which failure is not an option.


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