About the Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House pic
Ronald McDonald House
Image: rmhc.org

Operating out of Carrollton, Texas, Western Extrusions specializes in aluminum extrusions using its cutting-edge extrusion line, which is also capable of an impressive range of finishings and fabrications. Outside of its normal business operations, Western Extrusions supports local nonprofit groups, such as the Ronald McDonald House.

The main goal of the Ronald McDonald House is to provide a tangible benefit to children who are facing battles against significant illness, and the families who support and love them. The primary way that the organization accomplishes this is by providing lodging for families who need to stay nearby while their children undergo lengthy treatments.

The process for placement in a local Ronald McDonald House usually begins with a hospital social worker, who can refer families for services. Unfortunately, it’s currently not possible to reserve lodging in advance, so families will need to coordinate with the hospital’s social services upon arrival in order to receive lodging or be placed on a waiting list if applicable. Depending on the local policies of the board governing a specific house, there may or may not be a maximum length of stay, though most houses allow families to remain as long as the child is being treated.


One Wing Foundation’s Hudder Putter Challenge


The Momentous Institute’s Momentous School’s Core Components

Momentous Institute pic
Momentous Institute
Image: momentousinstitute.org

One of the United States foremost aluminum extrusion producers, Western Extrusions offers extrusion, fabrication, finishing, packaging, and product shipping to its clients. Western Extrusions operations out of Carrollton, Texas, and supports numerous community-conscious organizations, such as the Momentous Institute (MI).

MI established its Momentous School in 1997 to provide a bustling learning environment for urban children from the age of three through to the fifth grade. The school’s core components include helping children develop problem-solving skills while working closely with parents to keep them involved in their children’s academic careers.

Classes are small in size, allowing stronger relationships between students and faculty. Teachers operate via an Understanding by Design (UbD) principle that encourages the continuous revisiting and tweaking of their curriculums. Classrooms experience regular visits from guest speakers and students enjoy numerous field trips. Further, Momentous School operates on an extended calendar that sees students study for 190 days each year. To foster continued learning, Momentous Schools offer students more frequent breaks that are shorter in length that those commonly provided by other schools.

The Educational Benefits of Aluminum Anodizers Council Membership

Aluminum Anodizers Council  pic
Aluminum Anodizers Council
Image: anodizing.org

One of the United States’ leading manufacturers of aluminum extrusion products and related services, Western Extrusions maintains high standards regarding workplace safety and product quality. To support its endeavors, Western Extrusions is a member of the Aluminum Anodizers Council (AAC), which offers a number of educational benefits to its associates.

Members are invited to attend the Annual International Anodizing Conference and Exposition, where they have the opportunity to meet fellow professionals, learn more about the latest developments in the industry, and attend keynote presentations by industry experts. Further, the AAC holds the Anodizing Essentials Workshop, which was developed to enhance the knowledge of anyone involved with anodizing about the anodizing process, from identification of the metallurgical properties of common aluminum alloys, through to the concluding rinse and sealing processes.

In addition to these events, the AAC also offers a range of publications, some of which are available to members without charge. These include Anodizing Newsline, a bi-monthly newsletter focusing on the latest industry news, the activities of members, and advice for professionals, and the Environmental Guidebook, which exhaustively details the regulations surrounding the industry as well as offers compliance strategies for waste management.